Is Horoscope Based on the Bible?

Horoscope is the prediction of one’s fortune according to the position of the stars and planets on a person’s time of birth. This is in the line of Astrology. Another related term would be Astronomy which is a legal science that refers to the study of the heavenly bodies. But Astrology is the study of […]

The Truth that Sets Us Free

by Bishop Art Ferriol The words spoken by Jesus Christ in John 8:32 declare, “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” These eternal words emphasize three important truths that the Lord would like to impart us.   MAN IS NOT YET FREE There was a presumption, an unspoken presumption […]

What Kind of Faith Must a Man Keep?

Faith is important and it needs to be taken care of and fought for. Why does it need to be kept safe and defended? We should earnestly fight for it and never must we surrender it in any way because faith is extremely significant. Without faith, whoever may not be pleasing to God (Hebrew 11:6). […]