September 17, 2017 marked another extraordinary accomplishment from the brethren of Marikina as it has been 45 years since the PMCC (4th Watch) humbly sprang into the vicinity. Brethren arrived one by one with nothing but delight in their hearts and with the soul that yearns to receive words of instruction and empowerment from the sent ones of God, with the mindset of readiness to give their year-long preparation of thanksgiving to God’s love and faithfulness to His Church.


As the congregation continues to grow year after year, Marikina Locale had to accommodate all the attendees into two separate services, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, also having the privilege of hearing the Word of God through the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol in the morning while Evangelist Leticia Ferriol in the afternoon. Renditions of songs of praise from various talented groups in the Church such as the Marikina Youth String Ensemble, The Living Stones, Marikina Symphony of Praise, Highest Praise Chorale, and the MBS (Maranatha Bible School) Chorale prepared the hearts of everyone to receive the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

The beloved Apostle expounded on the event’s theme: “Rejoicing in God’s Glorious Riches in Christ” (Ephesians 2:6-7) teaching and reminding the congregation the things that the Church should be delighted for, and the ultimate reason to rejoice is no other than the riches that Christ had prepared for His Church since His ascent to heaven. The presence of the Apostle Himself was enough to embody the joy and gratitude the whole Church feels for God’s unbounded love. Later that same day, Evangelist Leticia instilled in the afternoon worship attendees the great need of utmost dedication to the works of God as preparation for the glorious riches that Christ has set for His Church.

After the message, the brethren gave their thanksgiving offerings with the heart that is always cheerful in serving God. The celebration for Marikina Locale’s 45th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving concluded with the brethren renewing their dedication to the Lord into a much better commitment to the mission of God.

(V. Evangelista)

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