It was a glorious celebration that took 10 years in the making! Last July 28th, the much-anticipated 10th anniversary of Dubai Locale was commemorated through a grand Worship and Thanksgiving Service at the Crowne Plaza Hotel-Deira, Dubai. Centered on the theme, “Rejoicing in our Salvation” from Psalms 35:9, the whole church was led by beloved Bishop Aldrin Palanca in celebrating this milestone event.

It was the peak of the summer season, yet the scorching heat of the sun did not hinder the 1,521 brethren and visitors to attend this special gathering. Bishop Aldrin, and Dubai Locale-Head Pastor, Pastor Elleza Palanca formally started the celebration through a ribbon-cutting ceremony of the locale’s Gallery of History. The gallery chronicled the abundant grace and faithfulness of God to Dubai Locale from its humble beginnings in the early 2000’s to its growth and expansion throughout the succeeding years.

Apart from the gallery, a more vivid and illustrated history of Dubai Locale was also witnessed by the congregation through a video entitled “Dubai Locale: A Decade of Excellent Service”. The 30-minute clip left the ministers and brethren alike with deep sense of nostalgia as well as gratefulness to God for all His goodness and mighty works He has done to His church.

Right after the video, a remarkable and colorful anniversary presentation was performed by the Selah Performing Arts Group depicting the life story and the global ministry of the Goodman of the House.

Following shortly, the Dubai Praise and Worship Team called everyone to stir up their spirits for a lively and joyful singing unto the Lord. Moved by the overflowing number of worshippers, Pastor Elleza Palanca was more than delighted to give her welcome remarks to all the brethren and visitors present that day. The Goodman of the House, our beloved Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol also sent his prayers and warm greetings to Dubai brethren via a recorded video. In the Message of Giving and Blessing, Pastor Andy Pabelico of Qatar Locale quoted Acts 20:35 enlightening the brethren that greater is the blessing to those who give than to those who receive. And as the holy celebration continued, the SOS Dubai, Dubai Strings Harmony, and the Dubai Praise Chorale alternately offered the Lord with resonating and glorious songs of praise.


Expounding the anniversary theme, Bishop Aldrin gave a powerful and edifying message of salvation. The wisdom bestowed to him by God allowed him to give each listener three reasons why we should rejoice in our salvation – first, because our names are already written in heaven (Luke 10:20), second, once we are saved, we give joy to the Lord (Luke 15:6-7), and the last reason, there is an eternal gift from God (Romans 6:23). He also mentioned that worldly happiness is temporal yet God is able to give us sustainable happiness and that is found in salvation.

The Spirit of the Lord was truly apparent as it moved hundreds of visitors to accept Jesus Christ as the Savior during the altar call. Still in the spirit of worship, the brethren humbly and faithfully offered their thanksgiving pledges to God before the Holy Communion.

As the Worship Service was about to end, special guest Vice Consul Von Ryan Pangwi shared a brief speech and conveyed how blessed he was to have joined everyone in the service. Relaying his message of congratulations to all the members of the PMCC (4th Watch) Dubai Locale, the Vice Consul, who acknowledged himself as an “admirer” of the church, also commended the leadership of Bishop Aldrin for alwayshosting huge gatherings in a consistently organized manner.

Capping the anniversary celebration, the 6th Mass Baptism was ushered in which scores of Filipinos and foreigners were initially baptized and added to the household of God.

The sacrifices and the painstaking preparations of the brethren, their extensive personal evangelism, prayer marathon, and chain-fasting all found favour in the eyes of God as He crowned the 10th Church Anniversary of Dubai Locale with a glorious success! Thanks be to God for a decade of His abundant grace and divine providence, and most especially for His precious gift of salvation, praise the Lord!

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