“Glorifying God through the Works of our Faith in Abundant Thanksgiving”—may be mere words to some but this served as the core of Angono Locale’s celebration of their 38th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving. The theme from 2 Corinthians 4:15 gave light to the celebration that has been anticipated with prayers and fasting from the brethren, resulting to 56 new souls that were added in the Church.

Sis. Charie Bagcat led the singing of praise and worship songs as worship came to a start. MCA and Cadets Department, Angono Pastoral Staff and Angono Choir offered their voices through blessed songs of praises that came from the heart and soul.


During Offertory, Pastor Sammy Bagcat discussed to the brethren the way of giving that is pleasing and acceptable to God, as taught by the teachings of Christ through His sent ones.

On the other hand, Pastor Cris Enriquez, Area Coordinator of Macedonia, spoke the Word of God during message with conviction. He deliberately explained on the manner the brethren could give glory to God and that is only through works of faith and abundant thanksgiving.

The day concluded with a Praise and Worship Concert where Pastor Sammy Bagcat performed songs originally written inside the Church. The brethren went home with hearts filled with the spirit and minds looking forward to another year of fruitful services.



(V. Evangelista)

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