The PMCC (4th Watch) brethren from Baguio Locale gathered in unity as they wholeheartedly gave their gratitude for another year that has been added to their faith. The locale has just reached its 31st last September 17, 2017 carrying the theme,” Rejoicing in God’s Glorious Riches in Christ” from Ephesians 2:6-7.

After the Chosen Generation Praise & Worship Team welcomed the crowd by leading them into joyful singing of praises, Brother Archie Ferriol then taught during Sunday School Service. Came the start of the divine worship was the entrance of the partakers and the flag dance presentation of the songs God is Here and Halleluiah that was prepared by the Baguio Locale Youth Department.

Songs of praise were performed by all the departments in Baguio Locale—ranging from cadets to adult, all displayed jubilant singing as a gesture of thanksgiving for another year that the Lord has given to the brethren. Brother Archie Ferriol then delivered the message of giving during offertory.

Pastor Reynald Sulayao, the speaker of the day, spoke the message of truth as he emphasized on the event’s theme. He discussed on the promises that are set for those who wait for the coming of the Lord, giving renewed dedication to the congregation as they look forward to another abundant year from God.

Twenty eight souls were baptized and added to the church that day. All the brethren rejoiced to another remarkable anniversary of the church of Baguio. The day may have concluded, but the genuineness of service and devotion continues until the coming of Christ.

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