On March 4, the Bethel Area held its first fellowship for the year 2018 with the theme Love: Key to Perfection. Thousands of brethren from the local province of Cavite and Las Piñas gathered in the Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol Sports Complex to worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness.

Sister Teresa Cuysona opened the event with songs of praises to God, to prepare the brethren to listen to God’s Word in the Sunday School message of Bishop Art Ferriol, overseer of the Europe, Middle East, and Mindanao churches. He exhorted the essential truth that the dynamic force behind everything in this world is love.

The Divine Worship then followed, with Sister Teresa Cuysona once again leading the congregational singing. Ptr. Yolly Dalangin of Moonwalk Locale led the opening prayer, followed by a few words of warm welcome by Bishop Art Ferriol. Ptr. Marlon Caalim of Trece Locale directed the reading of the Holy Scripture, Ptr. Benny Concepcion of Naic Locale delivered the announcements, and Ptr. Rex Capati of Dasmariñas Locale ministered the message of blessings. The local churches of Molino, Tanza and Moonwalk lend their voices as they sang songs of praises. As a finale song, and before the meditation of the Word of God, the Bethel Area adult officers sang the theme song of the National Men’s and Women’s Department entitled “Blessed”.

In his fiery message, Bishop Art encouraged the brethren to love God with all their hearts, minds, souls and strength. “To love God means to love Him with all of our being,” preached Bishop Art. “To love God is to love the Church. Through this, we will attain perfection.”

The outpouring of blessings didn’t end there. Right after the fellowship, the Men and Women’s Department and the Young Watchers of Bethel Area held their own gatherings as well. The Adult Department culminated their month-long activities with the Closing Service of the Adult Month 2018 with the theme “The Blessed Household in the End-time” which was culled from Galatians 6:10. Pastor Carlos Bandola, the South Bethel Sub-coordinator, emphasized in his message the important role the church plays in keeping our families knitted closer in God’s love.

The Young Watchers of Bethel Area, on a separate venue, gathered together for their annual Bethel Youth Summit. The afternoon activities was started off with 3 simultaneous seminars which concerns the Church Youth: Ptr. Edwin Barrameda tackled “The Youth Etiquettes in the Church,” Ptr. Ryan Garcia talked about “Enhancing our Ministries,” and Ptr. Dante Acuña spoke on “Peer Evangelism.” The Summit ended with a meaningful worship with the theme “Nurturing our God-given Gifts” from 1 Timothy 4:14-15. Bishop Art Ferriol reiterated that the greatest gift a young believer can have is prophesying or speaking the Word of God which is meant to edify the Church and save those who are lost.

All in all, the day-long activities strengthened each member of Bethel Area with a renewed charge to attain spiritual perfection before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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