The Macedonia Area composed of the locale Churches in Rizal and Eastern Metro Manila celebrates their first Area Fellowship of 2019 with the theme

“Rooted & Strengthened in God’s Love from Ephesians 3:17.”


The Brethren flocked in Cainta Elementary School last February 17 to congregate in love and unity. The celebration started with a seminar on the different kinds of love administered by Presbyter Cris Enriquez, the Macedonia Area Coordinator.

Shouts of adoration and songs of love unto God filled the venue as the Antipolo, Montalban, and Pasig Locale offered their voices through songs of praise.

For the highlight of the event, the Message of God was delivered by one of the Church Bishops, Bishop Osinando Quillao. He preached about God’s divine love to mankind and he reiterated that to be rooted and strengthened in God’s love is to inherit His Kingdom. Through this, everyone, including the visitors and special guests, were blessed.


As the celebration ends, everyone left the place as stronger servants of God, rooted deeply in God’s love and stronger in faith. Each one of them looking forward to a more passionate and devoted service unto the Lord.





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