As the month of February nears its end, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) local churches from the Province of Pampanga expressed the greatest love and reverence to the Holy Name of the Lord as they held Canaan Area’s first area fellowship for the year 2018 at Blueridge School, Sulipan, Apalit, Pampanga.

Dau locale’s Praise and Worship team filled the halls with rhythms of praise to pump up the hearts of the brethren in preparation for the Sunday School Service conducted by Presbyter June Alano.

After the partakers of the event paraded through the aisle, Master of Ceremonies, Pastor Lina Gelogo encouraged the brethren into a harmonious singing of divine hymns in worship to the Almighty Father. Mabalacat, Dau, and San Fernando Locale did not hesitate to render songs of praises and gratitude that blessed the service even before the meditation of the Word.

Pastor Miguel Gelogo delivered the message of giving during offertory, reiterating the importance of faithful giving of tithes and love offering for the work of God that is continuously expanding. Afterwards, the brethren witnessed the oath taking ceremony of newly elected area officers, reaffirming their dedication to the ministry and responsibility in the Church.

Brother Paul Arsenic Alano then offered a heartfelt song that touched the spirits of the congregation and mending their hearts in preparation for the Word of God that was delivered by Presbyter June. He expounded on the ways on how the brethren could express their greatest love for the One who love man first, and how it was the duty of the people of God to share this privilege through evangelization of the gospel.


Presbyter June declared that the clearest mark of perfection is being able to testify without reservations. Thus, everyone must be partakers of testifying God’s goodness. The service concluded with over 600 attendees, with 30 visitors and 10 of them are newly baptized brethren in the Church. First among the many fellowships in the year, but nevertheless, Pampanga district does not fail to become more victorious year by year.

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