Entering Day 5, the brethren are still as excited as the first day they had attended this convention. Pastor Mona Quillao prepared the hearts of the brethren as she spoke the Word of God before the early morning prayers. Afterwards, Apostle Arsenio exhorted briefly on the Word of God in order for the delegates to be ready for prayer.

The Goodman of the House talked about the reasons why the Church in the End-time is similar to the early Churches in the Bible. “We are also to be busy every day. What are we to do? Let us be a witness for Christ,” he says. Just as the eagerness of the early church to preach the gospel, the more is expected from the Church in the End-time. He encouraged the delegates to keep on the faith as the 2nd coming of Christ is nearing.

Thereafter, the Evangelist, Pastor Leticia Ferriol conducted the 3rd seminar about joyful service as a mark of obedience. She explained how salvation is the fruit of Jesus’ sufferings on earth. These sufferings did not only bear salvation, but also bore sanctification. This is all the more reason, she said, to be joyful in service for Christ suffered first in happiness in obedience to the Father.

“Obedience in the Light of His Return” – Bishop Arturo Ferriol spoke during the 3rd seminar about how the time for Christ’s 2nd coming is really nearing, and that obedience is fundamental in the last days. He taught the delegates on the importance of not wasting any time as the Church is now under time constraint.

Dedication Night came not to conclude the whole week of convention but rather to seal the promises and the dedication the brethren made to the Lord. After the new elders for 2017 were inducted to service and the Goodman Book awarding, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol instilled in the hearts of the delegates not only to absorb the teachings they had learned for the whole week but rather put into practice as this is what God expects of His Church in the End-time.

The delegates’ minds were off to their own respective local churches not because they were excited to go home, but because all were looking forward to put into action all the things they learnt during this week-long international convention – the obedience to the apostolic ministry”. All look forward now to the coming closing service of the 28th International Convention on Sunday, October 22, 2017.

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