The annual Philippine Festival is the most awaited and the country’s biggest cultural event in Japan. This is a lively festival that seeks to introduce the Filipino culture to the locals and promote the harmony between two countries. With this year’s theme,  “Wonderful”, the event aims to exhibit the spectacle of Filipino tradition and culture. It also reminds the Filipino Community about the wonders of their homeland.

This year’s Philippine Festival was held last September 8-9 at the Hibiya Park in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. The two-day event was full of exciting activities and competition displaying the vibrance of Philippine culture and the uniqueness of authentic Filipino talents. The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th watch) Japan District was given the opportunity to participate in this year’s Cultural Dance Competition. Represented by 20 selected brethren from Eastern Locale Churches (Tokyo, Saitama and Kawasaki Locales), the Church’s participation in this event  was not about the fame nor the prize.  Its aim was to glorify the name of Lord by showcasing not only the talents of the brethren but the unity that comes along with it. Most of all , through this endeavor the Church was able to share the words of God through Personal Evangelism.

After weeks of enduring rehearsals, the Eastern Japan District brethren proved the Filipino Community  that God always works in favor of His Children. Among several contenders, the brethren won the Grand Prize for the Cultural Dance Competition. Truly, they served their purpose for participating in this event and the name of the Lord was certainly glorified with such phenomenal talents. (M. Calalo)

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