More instructional than simply inspiring, the recently concluded Elders Conference 2017 held last July 26 – 28 equipped and readied veteran and newly-ordained deacons and deaconesses for the great work ahead.

Themed, Perfecting Our Faith for Greater Works in the End-Time (Ephesians 4:13,) the conference was aimed at empowering the elders and preparing them for bigger and better service to the Lord.
For three full days, elders from all over the country travelled to the AATF Sports Complex for the yearly gathering. During the said duration, the attendees immersed themselves in prayer and the word. Not even the stormy weather was going to dampen the spirits of the attending elders.
The Apostle, Bishop Domingo Ferriol, Bishop Art Ferriol, Bishop Resting Zonio, and Bishop Jonathan Ferriol, who travelled all the way from the US, as well as other senior ministers, provided wise words and expert instructions during their messages.
From the Devotion service, which started the first day of the conference, it was already obvious that this was going to be a different conference from the previous ones.

The Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, presented the elders with goals, such as opening extension worships and ultimately pioneering new churches.
Bishop Resting echoed the message of the Apostle and reminded the elders to continue with evangelism works, come rain or shine. Bishop Domingo, on the other hand, told the elders to be true to the Lord in everything that they did.
As church support and building was very much a part of an elder’s responsibility, Bishop Jonathan Ferriol urged everyone to be more entrepreneurial. He told everyone not to be afraid to grow big. God’s work is big, so the elders need to be big as well to be able to effectively continue supporting the work of evangelism in the End-Time.

The speakers also did not forget to reiterate the importance of prayer in achieving these goals.
By the end of the conference, not only were the elders inspired by the wise instructions and the End-Time global goals, they were also strengthened by the spirit. After the dedication service, everyone went home empowered and excited to achieve bigger things for the Lord.  – A. Miciano

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