“…who gave birth to Jesus who is called the Messiah.”
Matthew 1:16

Gospel writers, Matthew and Luke offer a very interesting, albeit, controversial look into the the Lord’s human ancestry (Matthew 1:1-17, Luke 3:23-38). Both share the same compelling reason for doing so. Matthew and Luke wanted to prove to their specific audiences – Matthew for the Jews and Luke for the Greeks and the world at that time, that Jesus was truly the rightful heir to the throne of David.

Why David? The reason was that God made a covenant to the “man after God’s own heart” that it was going to be his son who would be the Messiah (2 Samuel 7:12-13, Jeremiah 23:5, Luke 1:32). Everyone in Israel knew of this (Matthew 21:9). Therefore, it was necessary that both Matthew and Luke must prove without a shadow of doubt that Jesus was, indeed, the promised Messiah – the Son of David!

Matthew started tracing the lineage of Jesus from Abraham to David and ending finally in Joseph. By virtue of Joseph’s legal connection to David’s family, by being “the son of Heli” (When Joseph married the daughter of Heli, Mary; Joseph then, became a son in law or the “son of Heli”) (Matthew 1:16, Luke 3:23). In other words, Matthew traced Christ’s lineage through Joseph in order to show that Jesus was the rightful heir to the throne of David.

On the other hand, Luke traced the ancestry of Jesus thru Mary, which explains why there were two genealogies surrounding Jesus. In Luke’s genealogical account, Jesus ancestry was traced from Adam to David, thus, establishing the biological connection of Jesus to King David by virtue of being born of Mary, who was a direct descendant of David! It goes without saying, therefore, that whether it was thru Joseph or Mary’s lineage, Jesus was the the promised Messiah – the Son of David! (Luke 3:23-38).

Broadly speaking, Jesus’ “family” didn’t only comprise of these men and women of the ancient times. Today, you and I, are also members of God’s family tree by virtue of our faith in Jesus and by our membership in His family, the true church! (John 1:12, Ephesians 2:19) If God is now our Father, then that makes Jesus, not only as our Savior, but He is also our “big brother” – the “firstborn among the brothers” (Romans 8:29). What’s amazing also is that Jesus is not ashamed to call us His brothers and sisters! Awesome isn’t it? (Hebrews 2:11).

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