Reaching their 20th year of continuous service and dedication to the work of the Lord, brethren of Floodway Locale celebrated their Church Anniversary in Floodway Local Church sanctuary last September 10.

As the gathering began, Pastor Charlie Magbata jumpstarted the event as the Sunday School speaker wherein he gave emphasis on the importance of thanksgiving.

In the Divine Worship, Pastor Estella Franada established a friendly atmosphere as she welcomed the attendees with warm greetings. The congregation was blessed by the offertory message delivered by Pastor Divine Magbata.

Songs of praises that prepared the congregation to worship God were offered by the Youth and Adult Departments respectively.

Pastor Charlie Magbata, through the theme, “Bountiful Thanksgiving for God’s Unspeakable Gifts” taken from 2 Corinthians 9:15, imparted to the assembly the significance of thanksgiving to the Lord.

A gospel concert followed in the evening showcasing the God-given talents to the brethren of the locale.

The success of this celebration made another milestone for the local church of Floodway.


(P. Manlapig)

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