Love is higher than the sky, Wider than the universe, deeper than the ocean.

Gilgal Area’s (Iloilo Province Churches) first area fellowship earlier today, March 4, 2018, was expressed just as the lyrics of the song, “The Love of Jesus.” The halls of Hotel Del Rio, Iloilo City, were one by one filled with brethren eager to receive the blessing of God through the meditation of His Word and partaking in the Holy Communion.

Congregation showered the entire place with harmonious praises for the Lord as Sister Judy Ann Gonzales and the Praise and Worship team, led the singing of hymns and songs of glory. After Pastor Noralyn Fernandez gave out warm greetings for the 409 attendees of the event, Passi City Group and Gilgal Area Choir expressed their love and worship through inspirational songs of praises for the Lord.

Pastor Randy Fernandez then taught the brethren during Offertory Message about serving the Lord in terms of financial blessings through tithes and offering to be given in the House of Worship every first day of the week. Afterwards, Pastor Randy introduced the special guest of the event, the coordinator of Thessalonica Area, Pastor Dan Perez.

Pastor Dan celebrated together with the brethren of Iloilo Province as they expounded on the fellowship’s theme taken from Colossians 3:14, “Love: The Key to Perfection.” He highlighted with the truth that love is always a necessity in order to level up the service for the Lord that will eventually lead to the prize waiting in heaven; eternal life.

The divine and sacred Word of God moved all the congregation and leaving each and everyone with a vow: to love the Church, the mission and above all, God.

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