As the Church in the End-Time grows globally, ministries in the church bloom along with it. This abundant grace of the Lord was evident in the recently concluded 2nd Media Summit Meeting of the Japan District Media Team held last February 2, 2019 at PMCC Building in Tokyo Japan.

The participants, media representatives from different local churches all over Japan, came with  the united desire to enhance their God given talents and to grow in their diverse media ministries for the greater glory of our Lord.

The whole day event began with a Welcome Service. Sis Mariviv Calalo, the Master of Ceremonies, joyously commenced the service and it was followed by an energetic Praise and Worship led by Sis. Carmela Lumabas. Ptr. Ruth Rosas, Head of Japan District Media Team, acknowledged everyone in her Welcome Remarks. Then, Ptr. Maya Cruz, Japan District’s Area Coordinator, introduced Ptr. Kate Ferriol Saulog as the Guest Speaker for the special gathering.

In her Message, Ptr. Kate quoted  James 1:17, and said that

“ We should let these gifts be used to serve God and pure joy will come to us when we commit our services unto Him. She further stated that “Sincere devotion to one’s ministry means committed service despite of sacrifices”.

She also reminded everyone that one’s ministry or ministries reflect one’s growth and maturity in the Church. And that we are here because it is God’s divine calling.


Concluding the Welcome Service was a Prayer of Dedication, renewing their promise to fulfill their commitments into God’s works in His Church.

On the second part of the program were Lectures and Workshops.  Sis Berns Maeda, Sis Rose Amante Ptr. Vench Balawang and Sis. Mariviv Calalo discussed helpful tips about Data Gathering, File Sending Videography & Photography, and Hosting respectively.

In the third segment of the event, Ptr. Ruth Rosas proceeded with the Action Program for a smooth sailing in the coming year.

The productive day ended with a delightful dinner shared by the Japan Media Team. Everyone went home with gladness, anticipation and excitement for the coming action-filled year.


All the glory and praises unto God!


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