October 1, 2017 marked another victory as Kasiglahan Locale Church celebrated another year of service and reverence to the Lord. Kasiglahan Locale’s 9th Church and School Anniversary Celebration brought about over 473 attendees that filled the covered court of Kasiglahan Village.

After the brethren showed their delight in singing of hymns, Pastor Vher Villar led the congregation as everyone prayed to prepare their hearts into receiving God’s Word. Pastor Phet Enriquez then gave the importance of thanksgiving offering in the Church’s service to God during the offertory message.

As the brethren believe that words were not enough to show gratitude for God’s faithfulness to His Church, songs of praises were rendered by Preschool, Elementary Departments, and the Kasiglahan Choir.

Pastor Cris Enriquez expounded on the event’s theme, “Glorifying God through Generous Giving” from 2 Corinthians 9:13. He explained that glorifying God comes hand in hand with utmost support for the works of God. Therefore, generous giving comes naturally to the brethren as long as they have the desire on glorifying God.

Of the attendees, 220 had the privilege of hearing the Word of God in the PMCC (4th Watch) for the first time and among them are 11 who received Jesus Christ as their savior and was baptized at the very same day. A celebration indeed that truly deserves glory and praise for God.


(V. Evangelista)

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