Prayers and fasting of utmost dedication paved the way for the success of the La Trinidad Locale’s 11th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving celebration held last September 10, 2017. Before the start of Worship service, Pastor Samuel Ferriol conducted a seminar where he spoke powerful words about soul winning and its significance to the End-Time church of today.


As the partakers of the event paraded the halls of La Trinidad’s house of worship, Sister R-Vee Camposagrado led the congregation in joyful singing. After Brother Mario Buyayo’s opening prayer, Pastor Jose Patricio Jr. welcomed everyone including the mayor of La Trinidad, Mayor Romeo Salda, before delivering the message for the offertory.



Came the most important part of the service, Pastor Samuel gave the message of the theme, “Pursuing Soul Winning through Apostolic Authority” (Matthew 28:19-20). He taught on how everyone can be soul winners that Christ expects the Church to be, as long as it will be in accordance to the teachings He has revealed to the Apostle, the Goodman of the House.


More than 600 had attended the event and over 200 are visitors who accepted the Lord as their savior. The number itself is a proof that God was present all along for the 11 years that He had provided victory to the local church of La Trinidad.

(V. Evangelista)

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