“He was not the light, but came to bear witness about the light.”
John 1:8

Darkness is not passive nor static. It is active. It is a force of resistance. It fights off light (John 3:19). The same is true with light. As the total opposite of darkness, light will not let darkness stay and triumph over it. The light will never be darkened (2 Corinthians 6:14).
This explains the reason why, when Jesus Christ came into the world, our Savior was met with a ferocious counter attack by darkness. From his boyhood to manhood, darkness relentlessly tried to subdue the Light, but, Jesus stood His ground and thwarted the advance of darkness.

The person and ministry of Jesus repelled the works of darkness perpetuated by Satan and those who follow him. Whenever our Savior went, His light shone. Every miracle He performed, every word He uttered and every act He did, were all intended to defeat darkness and enable His light to shine on men (Matthew 4:16).

John the Baptizer was a witness to the Light who has come to the world, Jesus Christ. As a witness and the forerunner of Christ, this earthly cousin of our Savior did everything he could to validate the ministry of Jesus. John proclaimed to his generation about who Jesus really was and what He was sent to do for the world. He was one very credible witness to the Light (Luke 7:28).

Like John, we, ourselves, our witnesses of the Light. We are light bearers ourselves. God has intentionally appointed us in this particularly dark era of our history so we could shine God’s light! (Matthew 5:14)

As light bearers, we must pierce the darkness of sin with the light of the gospel. We must shatter the darkness of pride and envy amongst ourselves with the light of humility and contentment. We must disable the darkness of hatred with the light of love. And when we have exhausted all efforts to dismantle darkness, let us remain and continue to be vigilant as light bearers until the Light Himself returns! (Matthew 5:16)

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