The Lord sustained the empowered spiritual atmosphere in the 4th day of Luzon Summer Camp 2019.

With all conviction, Presbyter Violy Concepcion delivered the untainted Word of God focusing on the significance of prayer in evangelism. She added colour to her message by mentioning some beautiful testimonies about her ministry in the global mission. Next the early morning meditation, the campers knelt down in unity to pray for the Church.

Seminars in the morning kicked off as the Malagasang Praise and Worship Team led the congregation to joyful singing. On Seminar 1, Bishop Osie Quillao deliberately explained the topic, “The Restored Church”, detail by detail. Tracing back the roots and history of the Church, the campers surely gained sufficient knowledge.
The Church Evangelist and Presbyter, Let Ferriol, spoke about the beauty of being part of the Church that received the true gospel. A teacher by heart, she never fails to explain every single detail remarkably.

Seminar 3 was filled with teachings from the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol. He handled the seminar with ease and powerfully convicted each camper to be a partaker in the task of sharing the true gospel to all people.

After a sumptuous lunch, the campers get ready for the Maranatha Bible School Night, featuring the 41st Commencement Exercises. It was one-of-the-books moment! For the first time in history, the graduation rites was held during summer camp.

Beginning from the parade of candidates for graduation, singing of MBS Hymn, declaration of MBS Panata, to the messages of each graduation speakers, the campers were all in awe of God’s moving. The night ended sweetly as the dedication of each servant of the Church reached the peak of its revival. (J.Verano)

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