With the theme from Colossians 3:14, “LOVE: The Key to Perfection,” the brethren from Rizal local churches went to One Arena, Cainta Rizal, last February 25, thirsty for the Word that replenishes the soul as they held their fist area fellowship of the year.

Pastor Chris Enriquez enlightened the congregation during the seminar. Afterwards, the Worship service officially started with the procession of partakers inside the halls. The Master of Ceremonies, Pastor Shereen Arandid, led the people in rejoicing in the Lord with songs of praises. After Pastor Henry Arandid led the opening prayer, Antipolo, Taguig, Montalban, and Pasig locale churches raised their voices to the heavenly Father in adoration and awe.

Pastor Sam Bagcat reiterated the ways on how to be a cheerful giver during the offertory message. Thereafter, Pastor Samuel Ferriol, the Media Coordinator of ReDEEM Department, expounded on the theme in order to instruct the brethren on the key to perfection in the eyes of God.

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