“And Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord”
Luke 1:46

“”My soul magnifies the Lord.” “Magnificat anima mea Dominum”

“Magnificat” is Latin translation of the English word, “magnify.” It is taken from the opening phrase of Mary’s response when Elizabeth her cousin welcomed Mary with a joyful blessing! “My soul magnifies the Lord…!” (Luke 1:46). Church traditions allege that Mary sang to God to give glory and praise for His grace upon her. Other traditions say that she recited a well-loved poem and praise akin to what Hannah, the mother of Prophet Samuel, gave to the Lord (1 Samuel 2:1-11).

Praise and adoration are inextricably linked. Both are woven beautifully in the tapestry of Christmas. From Mary to the magi from the East to Anna, the prophetess, all of them responded appropriately in glorious praise to God. Each one of them offered their own “Magnificat!”

It was Mary’s recognition of God’s grace that brought her to offer her “Magnificat” to God. Mary saw herself as a “humble servant” yet, God looked past her unworthiness and called her, “blessed” (Luke 1:48). God’s grace is amazing indeed!

As a recipient of God’s grace, like the first characters of Christmas, you are called also for the “praise of His glorious grace” (Ephesians 1:6). It doesn’t matter if you want to magnify the Lord thru your singing or living, what is essential is that you don’t stop magnifying the Lord for what He has done to you (Psalm 34:3). God’s grace to you is endless and so should your Magnificat be!

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