“This is what the Lord has done to us, the evident growth in number of those who have heed to the call of Christ to His great mission and we are to bring back all the glory due to His name.” – Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol

To celebrate the vision of the Apostle—the rapid growth of individuals that heed to the call of the ministry—the Maranatha Bible School (MBS) students displayed their jubilance and gratitude for the privilege of the ministry through sportsmanship and camaraderie in their 43rd Foundation Week.

DAY 1 – In expression of gratefulness and pride of being part of the MBS, the Bible students paraded through the streets from the PMCC (4th Watch) to the Marikina Sports Center to make noise in declaration of victory that God has given to those who had dedicated their lives in the ministry. The cheer dance contest, as well as outdoor games like basketball, volleyball, track events and such, all took place at the Marikina Sports Center. Despite the raging heat and the sudden downpour of rain, the Bible students did not falter in the joyous occasion.

DAY 2 – From the battle of the physique to the clash of the minds, the MBS 43rd Foundation Week continued on with the indoor games, from literary contests to Bible quizzes, the Bible students show no evidence of tiredness from the first day’s event. Afternoon time came the championship game of basketball and volleyball. Including fun games like obstacle race and exhibition games where the Student Body Officers and the game officials were given a chance to play.

DAY 3 – the Bible students filled the PMCC Auditorium at Marikina Locale, all grand and decent, for the awarding ceremony. The first ever Spoken Word Poetry contest for the MBS was held during the event where all was blessed and touched to be drawn again to the call of the ministry. Afterwards, recognition and awarding took place to the ever-deserving winners.

In the end, all are winners. Because in the hearts of these Bible students, the moment they took the step forward to the ministry, they are already winners.

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