Tuesday just got extraordinary even before sunrise as the eager students of the Maranatha Bible School welcomed the 2nd day of MBS Conference 2018 with a shower of praises and fervent prayer during the morning Devotion with Pastor Loreto Cabantog.

After the delegates filled themselves with warm breaksfast served by Marikina locale, the auditorium was blessed again through the words revealed by God through the Goodman of the House as He speaks about the traits of a minister-to-be.

Bishop Rustico Zonio then discussed during the 2nd seminar about effective personal evangelism. One could not help but cry in the blessed privilege of being able to share the gospel on a personal level.

After the lunch break, Church presbyter and pastor, Polly Mendoza taught about the significance of deeping the knowledge of doctrines in the ministry. Then on the 3rd seminar, presbyter and pastor, June Alano shared his wisdom regarding pioneering a local church to prepare the future ministers.

The Worship service at the afternoon highlighted the Evangelistic Crusade Team (ECT). These are Bible students who went through a ministerial journey in order to open local churches all over the Philippines.


Evangelist and newly-appointed presbyter, Pastor Leticia Ferriol, emphasized on the importance of having the ECT as the present time exhibits the End-Time climate. As she said, the ECT is a response of immediacy and urgency to the great need of workers in the final watch.

The Bible students who had already dedicated their lives for the mission of Christ was again brought to tears as they felt the Holy Spirit move them to rededicate their hearts once again. Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol prayed over the yearning delegates, concluding another fruitful and glorious day of fellowship with Christ.

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