Three days had come so quickly to those who rejoiced in the meditations of the Word of God. After Pastor Ruben Ventura led the morning prayers, outcries of worship and thanksgiving overflowed in the sanctuary.

Bishop Domingo Ferriol conducted the first seminar of the day about the problems encountered in the ministry. He stated that there aren’t really problems in the ministry when one focuses their life in magnifying and glorifying the name of the Lord.

Pastor Sam Ferriol then initiated the 2nd seminar, where he taught the eager Bible students about building Godly character, which is to always love the Church, the brethren, and the mission of Christ.

After lunch time, Church Presbyter and Pastor, Orly Ibarbia, held a symposium about clarifying tough issues in the Bible.

At seminar 3, Pastor Leticia Ferriol stressed the fact that the highest ministerial value that a minister of Christ should have is reverence as it is the highest thing that the people of God could do for Him.

Approaching night time came the dedication service; the last program for the MBS Conference 2018. The message of God that was delivered by the Goodman of the House gave an overwhelming sight of the people drawn to heartfelt cries of worship and dedication to the ministry.

“We must be real soldiers of the cross. Sanayin ang sarili sa pagtitiis,” Apostle Arsenio declared with full conviction that to dedicate oneself in the ministry entails embracing sufferings and hardships for Christ.

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