From the early morning prayers of intercessions to various seminars for deep learning of the Word, the students of the Maranatha Bible School reaffirmed their dedication in the ministry as the MBS Conference officially opened yesterday, March 5, 2018.

After Pastor Rex Garcia taught about the missionaries being mediators, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol instructed the aspiring ministers on how the Church should put into practice the things they have heard from the sent ones.

“Make your confidence rooted in the Word,” the Apostle declared with full conviction, as he said that the Word of God is evidence itself of truth.

After a short break, newly-appointed presbyter, Pastor Dante Abainza conducted a seminar about the stand of the Bible with regards to major cults.

After a symposioum with Pastor Charlie Magbata in the afternoon, Bishop Arturo Ferriol discussed in the 4th seminar about the evident future of the servants of God.

“Preaching is the greatest ministry of all.” – Bishop Arturo expounded on the fact that they may be a lot of ministries in the Church, but nothing compares to the gift of preaching the gospel, making all those who have dedicated their lives for the sake of evangelization very privileged.

The first day concludes with reinvigorated spirits, ready for the next day’s outpour of the Holy Spirit

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