A great, momentous, and joyful time of the year for all the young watchers of the PMCC (4th Watch) Gilead Area as the historic 1st Middle East Youth Congress was inaugurated this 2017. Jam-packed with excitement and overflowing grace of God, young people all across Middle-East local churches made their way to the beautiful Pearl Beach Hotel, Umm Al Quwain last June 30-July 1, 2017. The feasting of God’s Word in this 2-day gathering was centered on this year’s MEYC theme “Catch the Vision, Go for the Mission” taken from John 4:35.


Bishop Aldrin Palanca, along with the ministers in the district, instilled in the hearts and minds of the brethren the need to go and fulfill the task the Lord has entrusted us which is to be used for His mission. Deeper fellowship among the youth delegates was experienced on the second day of the MEYC as the day started with a morning devotion led by Pastor Andy Pabelico. Following the devotion, Bishop Aldrin Palanca delivered his seminar, “Youth Church Etiquettes” detailing the apostolic traditions and set of rules in the church pertaining to proper conduct, fashion, and relationship. Bishop Aldrin continued on edifying the young people during the Dedication Service. This time, he enumerated four vital reasons why a believer should go for a mission. With the depth of enlightenment from the message heard, this eventually led all the delegates to re-dedicate their time, talents and lives to the vast work of God.

The afternoon activities gathered again all the youth for another team building activity and election of MEYC Officers. After the dedication of officers, the young watchers burst to excitement as the awarding ceremony took place. Each delegate was personally awarded by Bishop Aldrin and Pastor Elleza with a certificate of participation. Special citation was given to all the local churches who performed during the talents’ showcase and winners of the #hashtag competition were also awarded. Bro. Rallee Mart Presas of Qatar Locale and Sis. Cheque Bacia of Fujeirah Locale both won the Jolly Good Fellow Award for their amusing and friendly demeanor, and Bro. Benedict Cruz was named as the Most Punctual Youth for having been on-time or early to all the congress’ activities. The final special recognition, the Seal of Heroism Award, was handed-over to all the delegates of Qatar for their testimony and faithfulness in attending the 1st MEYC despite the current restraints in the region.

Truly, this first ever MEYC was a great success! Everyone was extremely blessed, strengthened, edified, and equipped. Though they may be physically exhausted, but thanks be to God for His empowerment, they are nonetheless spiritually exalted!

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