“For nothing will be impossible with God”
Luke 1:37

Imagine the shock and its accompanying disbelief that came all over Mary’s being upon being told by the angel Gabriel that she would be carrying in her womb, the Son of God, Jesus. She was a virgin throughout her entire young life, then, suddenly, pregnant? And to make her situation even more astonishing was that she was pregnant with the Son of the Most High! (Luke 1:32). No wonder Mary exclaimed, “How will this be…?”

That’s a question that many of us, including myself, have asked God many times. “How will this be?” Situations of seeming impossibilities confront us almost in every season of our lives as believers. There are times that healing seems out of our reach, or a breakthrough appears to be so far fetched and deliverance so remote. Impossibilities.

Mary went through one. At first, she was incredulous of what the angelic messenger had revealed to her. A cloud of doubt rose and hang over her for a moment. She was troubled and wondered (Luke 1:29).

It’s typical to fear the unknown. The uncharted territory where God often let us set foot on usually make us shiver. We dread what we couldn’t right away fathom or comprehend. In these moments, we naturally respond with cynicism, doubt, and hesitation.

But the angel Gabriel declared to Mary something that erased quickly all her fears just as quickly as they appeared. “For nothing is impossible with God!” Mary, in humble response, said, “May your word to me be fulfilled” (Luke 1:38).

God’s declaration to Mary could also be God’s declaration to you and over your impossibilities today, whatever they may be. “For nothing is impossible with God!” What is beyond your abilities to accomplish today, God could make you achieve it. The hope, the healing and revival as well as the breakthroughs that you are seeking to find, with God, you will soon find them!

Therefore, like Mary, we must also respond, “May your word to me be fulfilled!” Faith in God’s declarations are our only fitting response to God’s unbreakable promises (2 Corinthians 1:20). We must not counter what God is declaring to be possible with doubt or unbelief. Respond with faith! For with God, the impossible becomes possible!

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