Reaching 14 years of faithful and devoted service to the Lord, the brethren of the Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) Osaka Locale celebrated their 14th Church Anniversary with triumph at Osaka-shi Nishinagahori Shimin Center last July 30.¬†With more than 150 attendees, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit overflowed to each and every delegate of the gathering. Themed, “Gratitude for 14 years of God’s Goodness”, the Local Church of Osaka was truly grateful for the continuous blessings in the past 14 years. Pastor Phil Sison encouraged the congregation in giving devotedly as he delivered the offertory message. He stressed upon the topic of, ‘Why we Give unto the Lord?’.

It was then followed by the child dedication conducted by Pastor Nimfa Barrera. Dwelling on the topic, “Rejoicing in God’s Goodness” taken from 2 Chronicles 6:41, Pastor Nimfa Barrera ministered the Word of God which not only strengthened the faith of the congregation but also encouraged the visitors to be part of the celebration of God’s goodness.


During the altar call, many visitors, both Japanese and Filipinos, answered to the call and accepted the salvation that was given to them. Many of them also asked to be prayed over by the ministers. The Divine Worship was followed by the mini concert wherein the brethren, both the adults and the youths, as well as the cadets showcased their God-given talents in singing and dancing in glorifying the Name of the Lord.

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