Grace overflowed the congregation of Pasay Locale Church as they witnessed history in their 29th Church Anniversary last September 16, 2018 at Philippine Red Cross Logistics Multi-Purpose Hall. This was, by far, the greatest number of guests and brethren that gathered in the history of church anniversaries held by Pasay Locale. From once a humble locale bloomed a church that was able to triple their attendance from a regular worshiper of 300 to 1,200 on the day of their celebration.

Indeed, Pasay Locale was blessed to have the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, as the guest speaker amidst typhoon Ompong and the huge number of local churches celebrating their anniversary on the same day. After the Pasay Locale Praise & Worship Team welcomed the crowd through joyful singing of praises. Pastor Frederick Montemayor, head pastor of Pasay Locale, ministered the Sunday School Service. His spiritual administration may have just started on January this year, but the Lord had touched many lives through his ministry.

From the moment the gathering started, resounding praises echoed throughout the venue. The program began with a production number prepared by the brethren of Pasay Locale followed by the march of the partakers. The call to worship began with Sister Mary Ann Biñalizo as the master of ceremony. The place was filled with praises and adoration in the praise and worship as Sister Margaret Don Canlas, together with the Made to Worship Band, powerfully led the congregation in offering psalms of praises unto God through glorious singing and followed by the opening prayer led by Brother Raul Esto. At the start of the worship service, Brother Anvir Esparas led the reading of the Holy Scripture.

Pastor Evan Montemayor then warmly welcomed the brethren, visitors, parents of the Maranatha Christian Academy students, and most especially, their guest speaker, The Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol.

The Apostle brought the message of God with full of vitality and conviction. Expounding on the theme, “God’s Awesome Works in His Church deserves Thanksgiving” taken from Psalms 118:23, he highlighted the blessings a believer could get if one continually gives gratitude to the Lord. In his empowering message, the Apostle not only strengthened the faith of the brethren but also moved the hearts of the visitors to receive the gift of salvation.

After the message, the brethren gave their thanksgiving offerings with the cheerful heart in serving God. The celebration for Pasay Locale’s 29th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving concluded with the brethren renewing their dedication to the Lord into a much better commitment and bigger sacrifices for the mission of God.
As a token of gratitude from the locale church of Pasay and in celebration of its 29th Year Anniversary, ministers and brethren launched Project 1-2-3 wherein they extend their care and thanksgiving to the guests who attended the event. All visitors received relief goods and rice as a token of appreciation.
The success of this event marked a remarkable milestone for the Local Church of Pasay Locale.

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