The people of God from the local churches of the PMCC (4th Watch) from the province of Pangasinan (Philadelphia Area) congregated at Lingayen, Pangasinan last March 4, 2018 to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness to the ever-growing churches of Pangasinan province as they hold Philadelphia Area’s first fellowship for 2018.

The fellowship started with a seminar conducted by Pastor Mar Relucio as he discussed about expressing one’s true love to God through works. To prepare the brethren to be vessels of God’s blessings through the meditation of His Word, Lingayen, San Carlos, and Urdaneta offered their voices as melodies of praises for the Lord. Afterwards, Pastor Gil Velasco preached about the importance of giving during Offertory.

Pastor Arnold Bandola graced the event by delivering God’s Word with regards to the theme taken from Colossians 3:14, “Love: The Key to Perfection.” As the Church is in the stages of preparation to be presented perfect before Christ, Pastor Arnold emphasized the fact that the people of God should always commit themselves to God’s work. He concludes with a prayer for everyone especially to the 45 visitors who had attended the service for the very first time.

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