One of the highly commemorated events of the year is the Holy Week. This is all about the agony, crucifixion, and death of Jesus Christ that took place during his days of mission on Earth, living as a normal human being. This had realized for the redemption of all mankind. Because of our transgressions and wickedness, God sent his only begotten son for our souls not to be punished in the eternal condemnation in hell.

For according to the book of (Romans 6:23), for the wages of sin is death…And the death being referred by the bible here, is not a physical death but the second death, no other than the Lake of Fire (Revelation 20:14). Supposedly, it is the sinners who must be crucified on the cross. And yet, Christ came into this world to bear the sins of men.

However, what Christ has done seemed to be futile, insufficient and not ample. For the people during the said event did and repeated what Christ had undergone before. They held penitence, and even worst, they crucified themselves on the cross in the belief that there will be a remission of their sins. But sad to say, there were no changes within themselves and they remain who they were before they did such ritual practices.

But, Praise the Lord! God has opened up our hearts and spiritual eyes to be able to see the lightness of God’s word. He sent his true Apostle in our time to enlighten our blinded mind and darkened heart with the power of the gospel of Christ. He made known to us that there’s but one Lord who worked for our salvation.

When the gospel of Christ was brought in our hearts, our old ways of life have dramatically changed into a life which is acceptable and pleasing before God. We have known that through the death and resurrection of Christ, we gained salvation of our souls and received eternal life from God. We have been set free from the bondage of Satan. Christ himself has enabled us to break loose from the spiritual handcuff of sin.

Our minds were emancipated from being blindfolded of the erroneous and false teaching and doctrine of man. These came about in our lives for we received the true and pure teaching of Christ through his sent one, the apostle. So, the very purpose or objective of Christ’s death and resurrection had taken place among us.

And we, as the members of the true Church of Christ, have received all the opportunity and privilege of serving the Lord. As we serve him, we are looking forward to the glorious and blessed hope of every believer, the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, men’s ritual practices would not bring about true salvation of his soul. Whatever he does, his deeds are but futile and worthless before God. There will never be a remission of his soul for his ways are not of God, but of man.

But is there any hope left for them?

Yes, certainly, there is. And their hope lies in our hands, who know the right, exact, and precise way into salvation. Christ himself admonishes to feel mercy and compassion upon them. Let’s rescue their dying souls and spirits.

Since the time when we were added to the Church, God has entrusted us with tasks and obligations to perform. Evangelizing the Lost and winning souls for Christ is one of our received responsibilities from God. We are obliged to carry out his commission which is to spread the good news to all mankind
(Mark 16:15-16). God wants all men to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth (I Timothy 2:3-4).

Let us reach them out through going forth and preaching the gospel of Christ. It is the very word of God which will set the captives free from the captivity of the cruel god of this age, Satan.

As we commemorate this holy week, the death of Christ on the cross, may his extreme agony and sufferings on Mount Calvary move our very hearts to step our feet on seeking the lost and dying sheep of God.

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