God’s blessing continues to abound in His church as the brethren gathered for the Jerusalem Area Fellowship held at PMCC Auditorium, Marikina Locale.

Brethren from Southern Metro Manila gathered together to rejoice in God’s mighty works and receive strengthening to their faith from the powerful men in His church.

Bishop Osinando Quillao delivered the seminar of the service in accordance to the theme, “The Glorious Freedom of Christ’s Church“, taken from the book of Romans 8:21.

Pastor Mona Quillao, the Coordinator of Southern Metro Manila District, welcomed the attendees and awarded locale churches and individuals for the highest number of attendance and guests, while Pastor Rene Fremista preached the message of thanksgiving.

That day wouldn’t be complete without hearing God’s words. Ministering His message is the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol.

Once more, he reminded the church to watch and pray fervently in all humbleness while preaching His Word of salvation with boldness.

The Apostle was unwavering and passionate in his sermon as he renewed the faith of the brethren, waking them spiritually like never before.

As the day came to a close, success of Jerusalem Area Fellowship is unmistakable, leaving the challenge to everyone to be holy and faithful until the Second Coming of Christ.

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