Family, as it is defined in a dictionary, is a basic unit of the society united through kinship or marriage.Ideally, the family provides its members with protection, companionship, security, and socialization. The family provides a special affection and emotional support by and to all its members. And with this, there is a special link between the family members that binds them together known as the “family ties”.

In the early society, this bond among the family members is very strong. Through thick or thin they stay together. All the family members move as one. But now, in the modern generation, as the society changes, the tie that binds a family becomes weaker. And this makes the whole society weak. But don’t loose hope for there is still a way to strengthen family ties. These are some guidelines to have a strong tie that will renew the unity in your family.

1. Assess the root of the problem and solve it.

When the tie that bonds the family becomes poor, certainly there is something wrong going on inside the household. But do not jump into conclusion and blame anybody for that problem, this can create another problem, and often times it leads to a more complicated situation. When a problem arises within the family, all the members should sit together and try to assess the root of the problem.

Problems cannot be solved unless you know it. And isn’t it wonderful to see that a family is united despite of problems? And when the root of the problem has been identified, it is time for the next step, solve it. In solving a certain problem, make sure that it will be for the welfare of everybody not of an individual alone. A family is not composed of just an individual, it comprises of individuals united as one.

2. Understand and be understood.

No two people have the same personality. Commonly, family members are linked together by one blood yet they are separated by their individuality. And for this, there are times that misunderstanding takes place among the family members, however, disagreement should not have a room in every home.

Every part of the family must understand and respect the behavior of each member. They must not compare themselves to anyone because nobody cannot find the exact image of himself to somebody else even though they are linked by one blood. And anyone who learns how to understand others will find understanding from them.

3. Welcome changes.

Although, earlier it is stated that each member of the family should understand other individuals within his family and he will find understanding in return, this must not be an excuse for their awful behavior. Still, the leader of the family has the right to call the attention of a member who seems to go astray and advise him to leave that way and start his journey to the right path. And if you are a member who always finds correction from your father or from anyone in the family, do not be annoyed, do not think that you are not loved.

In the bible, the one who is accepted as son must undergo discipline. Discipline is implemented not to harm anyone but for the welfare of every individual. And with this, you must accept their correction and welcome changes in your life, for this will surely makes you a better person.

4. Beseech for God’s guidance and Pray.

This is the most important.Given that you have done the first three but fail to submit everything with God, all your effort will all be in vain for human effort without God’s guidance are useless. With this, for a family to stay together, God must be the center of it.

It is better to trust God than to rely on your own effort, for the one who commits everything he does in the Lord will surely find success.

 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” – Proverbs 16:3

Trusting the Lord is drawing closer to Him, and you can only achieve this through prayers. Prayer can make things happen. Although it seems that it is impossible for your family to be reunited, but if you have faith in God and you come to Him through prayers He will make things possible. Just believe not that God can, but God will.

And remember, be faithful to this and surely mercy and grace from God will follow you and your family all the days of your lives. Put in mind, that a “family that prays together, stays together.” With this, may you and your family stay together as one, as you serve God faithfully.

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