Maranatha Bible School 40th Commencement Exercises

On March 20, 2018, the Maranatha Bible School held its 40th Commencement Exercises. At 3PM, the procession of graduates began, signaling the start of the program. The male graduates marched first, followed by their female counterparts. Each graduate was accompanied by a parent, spouse, relative, or guardian. The joy that accompanied this occasion was very […]

Vox Populi Vox Dei

Effecting God’s will through our vote. Someone has said that “history is His (God’s) story.” This claim has Biblical basis for God actively participates in the affairs of men and nation. In Daniel 2:21, the prophet says that God “…changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them.” Again in chapter 5, verse […]

Paano matitiyak na ang isang salin ng Biblia ay walang bawas o dagdag?

May mga rebisyon o mga pagsasalin ng Biblia na hindi tapat sa orihinal na wika ng pinagmulan nito. Kadalasan ang ganitong mga pagsasalin o bersiyon ay palabras lamang ng isang sekta o relihiyon na may layuning i-angkop o pasunurin ang Biblia sa kanilang doktrina. Ito ay mapanganib. Ang isang translation ay masasabing walang bawas o dagdag […]

What is the Meaning of Baptism and How is it Correctly Done?

The baptism taught in the Bible is done through dipping in water though there are others who believe that baptism may be done in different ways. The first way of baptizing is what we call “immersion.” This is the way of baptizing according to the Bible. The term baptism came from the Greek word “baptizo” […]

Is Horoscope Based on the Bible?

Horoscope is the prediction of one’s fortune according to the position of the stars and planets on a person’s time of birth. This is in the line of Astrology. Another related term would be Astronomy which is a legal science that refers to the study of the heavenly bodies. But Astrology is the study of […]

What Kind of Faith Must a Man Keep?

Faith is important and it needs to be taken care of and fought for. Why does it need to be kept safe and defended? We should earnestly fight for it and never must we surrender it in any way because faith is extremely significant. Without faith, whoever may not be pleasing to God (Hebrew 11:6). […]

Is the Bible a Reliable Thing to Believe in?

One of the proofs that the Bible contains the truth is the Prophecy. The prophecies in the Bible shall certainly happen and several of these prophecies already had. This is an evidence of the Bible’s reliability. Enough example of this is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We use this as an example for […]

Why do we have Simbang Gabi?

Simbang Gabi came from the Spanish word “misa de gallo” which means mass of the rooster. It is called as such for it is done in the dawn – time of cockcrowing. We, as well, have Simbang Gabi in the month of Christmas time not for the reason that we conform to human traditions. We […]

Does the Bible agrees with the belief of Eternal Security?

Ephesians 2:8 clearly states: “For by grace you are saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God” (MKJV) A person is saved through grace. By this is meant that salvation is received due to God’s favor, and not by any hard work or effort of man. And this salvation […]