Day 2 Elders Conference 2019

On the second day, God continuously showered His abundant blessings to the deacons to uplift their spirits in deep meditation of the Word. Presbyter Dante Abainza, Presbyter Reynald Sulayao, Evangelist and Presbyter Let and Apostle Arsenio Ferriol vibrantly administered the morning messages and seminars. Presbyter Let Ferriol put emphasis on the need of the elders […]

Vienna Locale Witnesses 2 Years of God’s Undying Love

God’s love for His Church in the End-Time was proven to travel distances as Vienna Locale celebrated their 2nd Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving last September 10, 2017 at Louis Braille Saal, Vienna, Austria. As Master of Ceremonies, Sister Abegiel Dingsalan preceded the Worship Service, the brethren sang joyful songs of praises to the Lord in […]

The Blessed Hope of the Church

By Bishop Arthuro Ferriol Twice the Lord declared that there will be those who will pass through life to the other side of the great divide without passing through the cold door of the grave. The first instance was when the Lord called for Lazarus to come out of the grave. It was the fourth […]

The Three Mysteries being fulfilled in the End-Time

Mysteries are a normal part of Christianity. People who are rich with the gospel and its mysteries are strengthened in their service. The additional knowledge that they receive assures them of their faith and drives them to further their service to the Lord. “Now to him that is of power to establish you according to […]