Macau Locale 25th Silver Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving

Macau 25th Anniversary & Thanksgiving

The Locale Church of Macau victoriously celebrated another milestone of God’s faithfulness during their 25th Silver Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving last July 7, 2019 at Hotel Royal Macau. The Divine Worship started with a parade of colors followed by the entrance of Elders, Jezreel Area Ministers and Partakers. The glorious event was commenced with songs […]

The Relationship of Thanksgiving and Christmas

One of the qualities of Christmas is its ability to make people a bit more generous and thankful. It’s typical to see people giving as well as receiving during this time of the year. If giving and being grateful is something we could do to our fellow men, isn’t it more fitting that we show […]

Cultivating an Attitude of Thanksgiving

There is one basic reason why we should be forever offering thanksgiving to God, it is because of the truth that he saved us from the curse and sure punishment of sin. I’ve always believe that one of the identifying marks of a person who has become a true Christian is his thankful and grateful […]