Earlier this morning, March 11, 2018, voices shouting praises to God echoed as the brethren from Tarlac Province rejoiced and worshipped wholeheartedly in celebration of their area fellowship at San Vicente Elementary School Court, Tarlac City.

As the brethren prepared their vessels for God’s Word and Holy Communion, the place of worship became a dwelling point of God’s sufficient grace.

Furthermore, each faithful believer sustained praises and transcended intercessory prayers to God. The locale churches of Camiling, Concepcion, and Tarlac City rendered songs of praises adoring God’s holiness, beauty, and power.

The theme “Love: The Key to Perfection” from Colossians 3:14 was the basis of beloved Bishop Resting Zonio in inspiring the attendees. He reiterated that love encompasses more than just as a feeling but of true service to God and dedication for His mission. He challenged every believer to exercise the power of love.

The remarkable event was made perfect by God for the attendees to all the more receive His power through His inspiring Word leaving them all encouraged to reach for grander altitudes in spiritual works.

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