From the second chapter of Matthew reads the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, the promised messiah, the Son of the Most High, the savior. He was born of Mary- a maiden pledged to be married to a man named Joseph. His birth was unadorned and too down to earth because nobody seemed to recognize His coming. But surely, the angels in heaven glorified Him and they announced to the shepherds nearby that the savior is born.He is Christ the Lord.

His birth signifies the undying love of God to men that even if He was the only joy of the Father he was made lowly in order to experience death, suffering and humiliation in the hands of those he loves. All these will cause the redemption and the salvation of those who will believe. His life on earth was spent touching the lives of many people and making them pass the story from generation to generation.

Loving and being selfless are primary in the teachings of Jesus. He taught about loving enemies, caring for the needy, giving to the poor and restoring the lost. He lectured on giving fair judgments and forgiveness. He gave distinction between being sincerely helpful and being disingenuously kind. He was an example in giving sacrifice and was outstanding in faith. He healed. He raised dead. He listened.

But above all, the life of Jesus from His ordinary birth and His inevitable death served one main purpose: the salvation of our soul. We are sinners who are destined to be punished and be condemned for eternity. But because God loves us all, he made salvation attainable through the death of Christ His only begotten Son. If we believe we will receive the salvation so that we will not suffer the wrath of God anymore. We will be heirs to His kingdom and the perfect rest is ours.

These words are often read, said and tackled but the effect and the meaning of it gives every Christian a renewed hope every day. It is the reassurance of all the Christians who bear suffering today because of many persecutions and temptations. Being with God in heaven is the ultimate rest for the Christians. With Him, there will be no more suffering and there will be no more pain.

We will praise Him with His glory and we will witness His greatness everyday for eternity. But for now, we must always express our deep gratitude to Him, through our service and obedience to His commandments because all the great things that He has in store for us were made available through the sacrifice of Jesus.

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