In the first preaching of the gospel, bible accounts for 3,000 souls who were added to the number of the Church (Acts 2:41). This happened during the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit powerfully moved, and made the hearers ask what they should do. To this the apostles’ reply is clear: to repent and be baptized. But what comes after baptism? Here are three things that God does to those who are baptized.

I. They will be forgiven of their sins
To be forgiven of one’s sins is to be considered as one who has not sin. Yes, the sins were committed, but they would not be remembered anymore (Hebrews 10:17). They would be covered (Romans 4:7) and will no longer be attributed to the one who committed them (Romans 4:8).
Without forgiveness, our sins will always follow is wherever we go. This is the curse from which our Lord Jesus redeemed us. And this redemption is ours because of the forgiveness of our sins (Galatians 3:13).

II. They will be given the gift of the Holy Spirit
Contrary to a popular belief, the Holy Spirit is given a after a person is baptized, and not before. The Holy Spirit is not a prerequisite for baptism, it comes after. The newly baptized need the strength and power that only the Holy Spirit can provide (Acts 1:8). Because left alone with themselves, even the baptized cannot do anything (John 15:5).

III. They will be added to the Church
Acts 2:41 describes the process of those who would undergo baptism. Those who were baptized were added to the Church. This is very clear and explicit. And thus, the man who is baptized is saved (Mark 16:16). He is, upon baptism, forgiven of his sins; he is given the Holy Spirit, seal of his salvation (Ephesians 1:13); and he is added to the church, to be made a disciple (Acts 2:47).

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