The faithful believers from the local churches of Aklan exhibited unity and communion with the Lord this morning, March 4, 2018, at the PMCC Hall, Kalibo Aklan as they held their first area fellowship for the year 2018. Emphasizing the theme, “Love: The Key to Perfection, (Colossians 3:14)” the brethren showed their deep affection in their singing of praises even before the start of worship, where newly ordained Presbyter, Pastor June Alano conducted a seminar to teach the brethren the proper way of worship for the Lord


Came the start of the worship service, the Master of Ceremonies, Sister Loi Hernandez, called the attention of the congregation to give respect as the parade of partakers entered the halls. Sister Sheirelyn Borja sang joyful noise together with the Aklan Praise and Worship Team that pumped up the spirits of the people of God, which in result filled the place with shouts of praises and magnification for God.

Choirs from Higher Ground, Capiz Group, Aklan Group, and Kalibo locale lifter up their voices in gratitude for God’s goodness, with melodies that touches the soul and mends the heart to receive the message of the Lord for the area’s fellowship.

Before the meditation of the Word, Pastor June expounded on the doctrine regarding the giving of tithes and offering for the mission of God. Afterwards, he delivered the Word with much conviction that encouraged the brethren to further embrace perfection that God seeks from His people.

“Pasakdalin ang pagibig sa misyon at sa mga misyonero,” Pastor June clarified that love for God does not exclude loving the mission and the missionaries. Everyone is called to partake in the mission of Christ and being part of the mission entails love and passion in order to complete it. The service concluded with over 800 attendees who could testify to God’s empowering through His Words, leaving everyone with the challenge of reaching greater heights for love of God.

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