The PMCC (4th Watch) Honolulu Locale just reached 23 last September 10, 2017. Their 23rd Church Anniversary celebration arrived at its success at the Neal Blaisdell Center-Pikake Ballroom with over 281 attendees filling the halls.

The Youth Department showcase a dance presentation for the opening ceremony. Brethren’s hearts were pumping with excitement as the elders, ministers and partakers of the service marched across the halls.

After sending his warmest greetings of welcome to the congregation, Pastor Gallagher Concepcion taught about the importance of thanksgiving during Offertory.

After his heartfelt message came the most significant highlight of the event: message of the Divine Worship which was administered by the beloved Evangelist, Pastor Leticia Ferriol. Her careful instruction and life itself is a testimony that blessed the congregation, welcoming the Holy Spirit to move 10 souls to accept Jesus Christ and be baptized.

Indeed a feast in the eyes—all the brethren concluded as each were witnesses of God’s empowerment.

Photographer (Lester Belmonte, Vincent Piros)

Writer (V. Evangelista)

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