God’s love for His Church in the End-Time was proven to travel distances as Vienna Locale celebrated their 2nd Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving last September 10, 2017 at Louis Braille Saal, Vienna, Austria.

As Master of Ceremonies, Sister Abegiel Dingsalan preceded the Worship Service, the brethren sang joyful songs of praises to the Lord in unison. Sister April Tan then welcomed the congregation especially guests who had just attended for the first time.

After songs of praises offered by various brethren, Pastor Mylene Estopa—Head Pastor of Geneve, Switzerland and Sub-Coordinator of Orange Area (one of the 5 areas in Europe District)—delivered the message of God through His might revelation.

From God came the Word and from the Word came blessings to the 67 attendees of which 48 were guests and 3 were baptized in the name of the Lord. Humble may be its beginnings but the assurance in the Word gave hope to the brethren the vision of more fruitful years for Vienna Locale.


(V. Evangelista)

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