In the decade of the founding of this Holy dwelling, the voice of victory was once again heard by the many. This is because it was not just the 10th Metro Cebu locale church anniversary celebration but also the 3rd Capernaum area Fellowship. Many locale churches in Cebu and Bohol were once united to be blessed and glorify the Name of the Lord.
The program started with the shout of praises unto the Lord with the joyful singing of songs led by Teacher Grace Constantino with the MCA praise and worship team. It was followed by the heartwarming opening prayer led by Pastor Mark Corcino.
A resonating harmony filled in the air with the flute rendition from the selected MCA pupils. The reading of the scriptures was led by Pastor Nick Renton followed by the Talisay locale song of praise. Then, everyone was overwhelmed by the welcome remarks made by Teacher Gelyn Malundo followed by Bantayan Island locale song of praise.
Next, the blessed message was delivered by Pastor Ranit Malundo (Capernaum area coordinator) encouraged everyone to give with joy in their hearts. After that, a song number was presented by the selected MCA pupils lifting the name of the Lord followed by the rendition from Metro Cebu locale church serenading and glorifying the Name of the Lord. The introduction of the keynote speaker was made by Pastor Ranit Malundo.

Finally, the message of God was administered by the guest speaker, beloved Bishop Arturo Tan Ferriol (overseer of the (Visayas and Mindanao areas) encouraging and empowering the brethren to become powerful in serving the Lord. Truly, the shout of Victory echoed the whole place as the presence of the Lord ignited as the founding of the Holy dwelling come forth to a decade celebration.

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