In order to achieve true and complete salvation of the soul, each man must not only repent of his sins and accept in His heart the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The next step is to yield to water baptism. As for this lesson we shall be dealing with the basic why, who and what of our topic.

What is Water Baptism?

Baptism originated from the Greek Word “bapto” which literally means ‘to whelm or to cover with water’. It is with the same essence as the word “baptizo” which is another derivation of the word baptism.

Why Should One be Baptized?
Baptism is not a mere ritual or a sort of an initiation to those joining an earthly organization. Rather it has definite grounds why a man should be baptized and they are rooted deeply in the Word of God. First, it is a commandment that any one who accepts and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ must be baptized
(Mark 16:16). Secondly, baptism is a visual and actual affirmation that he really believes in the Lord and that he accepts what He has done on the cross. A public display of his faith that he and God alone know
(Acts 8:36-38; 16:31-33). Thirdly, a man is being united with Christ through water baptism. He who is being submerged under water is likened to Christ who died and was buried. Coming up from the water symbolizes the raising up of the Lord from the dead. And so a man that was baptized can now walk in a new life (Romans 6:3-4). Sin in man cannot be removed in any way except through baptism in water. It washes away not the dirt and stain in human skin but rather the blotch in the soul (Acts 22:16). Lastly, man being alienated from God because of sin can only be brought back to Him through a renewed covenant. In the Old Testament, circumcision is the way man entered to a covenant with God (Genesis 17:7-14). Today, in the New Testament times, compact between God and man is through baptism.

Who Will Undergo Baptism?

Any one who believes (Mark 16:15), repents of his sins (Acts 2:38), and is determined to be under God’s righteousness (Matthew 3:13-17, Luke 7:30) is qualified to go through baptism. It is not for all man of all ages. An infant or a small child cannot recognize his sins and is not able to believe yet; therefore he is not to be baptized.

What are the Results of Baptism?

Baptism cleanses the soul (Acts 22:16) and leads to achieving the complete and true salvation of the human soul (Mark 16:15-16, I Peter 3:21). And now that he is clean then he puts on Christ (Gal. 3:27)

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