Serving God began early in the morning of March 4, 2018, as the brethren from the different local churches of Zion Area prepared and gathered for their first area fellowship of the year themed, “Love: The Key to Perfection” from the verse Colossians 3:14. The auditorium was quickly filled with brethren and visitors, with eagerness to worship and bless the Lord. The fellowship was divided into two services as the auditorium is now inadequate to accommodate the growing number of the Church for Zion Area.

The first worship was initiated by Master of Ceremonies, Pastor Anna Galleno, while the Living Stones Choir, the Marikina Symphony of Praise, and the Highest Praise Chorale prepared the hearts of the brethren through songs of praises for the message of God delivered by the newly ordained Presbyter, Pastor Policarpio Mendoza. He taught the brethren on the different kinds of love, and how the love of God for the world is the greatest of them all.

The second worship was as grand as the first one as Master of Ceremonies, Sister Charisse Ong, led the ceremony while the Marikina Symphony of Praise, Highest Praise Chorale, and the Christ’s End-Time Messengers lifted angelic voices of praises to the Lord so as to also prepare the brethren and guests for the word of God. The message was administered by the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol. He expressed through his inspirational testimonies about love in the Church and how this would bring about glory for the Lord.

Numerous guests have stepped forward to receive Christ as their savior; an embodiment of His grace to His church. God continues to work in miraculous ways as His missionaries grow by tremendous numbers each year. It was evident that the Church was bound to reach new heights for His glory.

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