Transforming Lives: PMCC (4th Watch) Powerful Outreach and Bible Drive Brings 140 Souls to Christ

by: Ptr. Princess Jean Cabantog & Sis. Belle Villegas

The mission of spreading the message of faith has taken on new dimensions and challenges in today’s world, depicted by uncertainty, fear, the search for freedom, and rapid technological advancements. Through the use of innovative digital platforms and community engagement initiatives, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ 4th Watch, Baguio Locale, led by Bishop Reynald P. Sulayao in coordination with Bro Marvin Agustin, has passionately conducted Bible Studies and Worship Services every Sunday at the Regional Training Center 1 in Tayug, Pangasinan for the past months.

Planting the seeds of faith amidst the challenges and rigorous training faced by 400 police trainees is consistently demanding. Still, we are blessed to have reaped more than a hundred souls during the celebration of independence. As the nation honored its hard-fought independence on June 12, 2024, it was an opportune moment for the faithful end-time missionaries to ardently continue the Apostle’s legacy of liberating people from the chains of sin. We are genuinely grateful to the Lord for entrusting this ministry to the Goodman of the House, who has shown us how to carry out the evangelism mission with love.

400 Bibles were distributed and 140 individuals were baptized through the LGU Outreach – Bible Distribution & Mass Baptism at PNP Region 1 Annex @ San Manuel Pangasinan led by Bishop Reynald P. Sulayao, Presbyter Yollie Sulayao together with Bethlehem Area Division Heads, ministers, and brethren from Baguio Locale.

The distribution of God’s Word extends beyond the religious outreach endeavor and becomes intertwined with humanitarian efforts through the invaluable support and assistance of Ms. Rubi T. Lim (Touch Life Global Foundation Inc.) PNPC Regional Training Center 1 Police Lieutenant Colonel Aquino Bayangene, Police Lt. Glen Caweng, SPO1 Marvin Manangan, all police officers, trainees, and our brother, PO3 Marvin Agustin.

We fervently acknowledge the faithful leadership of Chief Executive Minister Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol, whose unwavering dedication drives us to strive for excellence, especially in guiding people closer to Christ.

Let us boldly and passionately proclaim the gospel as we follow the call of our beloved Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, who exemplified an unparalleled love for the flock, and the church, and a compassionate heart for all seeking salvation. As the world continues to seek freedom, these tireless efforts remind us of the enduring power of faith and the unwavering commitment to sharing the Word of God until the glorious return of Christ.

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