Daniel Graser

The Gospel or the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ is no ordinary news. It is a message that has the power to transform the lives of those who receive it. That very same power has changed my life–from being self-centered and meaningless to a life full of joy and purpose in kn owing God.

My name is Brother Daniel Graser. I was born and raised in Germany. I spent the first 24 years of my life striving after personal success and somehow in the search of what would finally make my life happy and fulfilled. I dedicated much of my time to my studies in Engineering Physics at the University of Applied Science Münster. I spent my weekends partying, drinking, and hanging out with friends. Despite experiencing considerable success in the world and indulging in various worldly pleasures, I always felt a sense of emptiness and longing for a life of significance and purpose that my accomplishments couldn’t satisfy.

Ngee Anaba

I was born in a city in the South Eastern part of Nigeria and grew up in an Anglican Church where my parents have been members even before I was born. When I became a teenager, I decided to find a church of my own and the first one that I found was called “The Living Faith Church”. But I did not find God in a church that did not place any emphasis on holiness or service to God. It was all just about prosperity—in wealth and finances.

In 2005, God brought me to the United Kingdom. My initial intention was to join my husband who was already studying there but unknown to me at that time was that God had other plans. It was in London that my family and I would eventually find Him.

Ched Evangelista

I am Sister Ched Evangelista, a CPA by profession and a Church elder by heart and soul, from the local church of Marikina. I may not be one of the best elders in the Church, but I am striving to hold my position with pride and care. I’m the first fortunate member of the family who accepted the precious gospel of salvation in a crusade way back in 1986. The salvation I received was also shared to my siblings’ families and relatives as well.

Being a believer does not exempt one from trials, problems, and illnesses. As you grow roots, your faith will be put to test. But when one’s own life is at stake, it can’t be helped to utter, “why me?” When I experienced this, the first thing I did was to cry and pray. I asked for forgiveness for all my wrongdoings and negligence in my responsibility as a member of the true church. I just hoped my faith would suffice.
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