Bishop Jonathan Ferriol’s Inspiring First Visit as Chief Executive Minister Inspires Quezon District

by: Sis. Jireh Pearl Casionan

On June 23, 2024, Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol embarked on his first official visit as the new Chief Executive Minister of PMCC (4th Watch). Following the recent passing of the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, Bishop Jonathan’s presence was a beacon of continuity and hope for the local churches in Quezon province.

Welcomed with genuine warmth and heartfelt worship, Bishop Jonathan joined the congregation in their Sunday service at PMCC 4th Watch Lucena. The gathering saw attendees from across Quezon and Marinduque, who assembled early, filled with anticipation and reverence.

The atmosphere in the worship hall was electric, charged with non-stop praises as the PMCC 4th Watch Lucena Praise & Worship Team led the congregation. Every voice lifted in song, celebrating the sanctity of the Lord and the significance of the day.

In his sermon, Bishop Jonathan delved into the theme of perpetuating the Apostolic legacy, drawing from the teachings in the Book of John. He emphasized the divine nature of both beginning and finishing the works of God, a principle embodied by Jesus and mirrored in Apostle Arsenio’s life. Bishop Jonathan reminded the congregation that completing God’s work is their divine calling, urging them to embrace this mission with fervor and commitment.

He called upon the ministers and brethren to actively engage in God’s mission, fostering growth and fulfilling the desires God has placed in their hearts. Echoing Apostle Arsenio’s vision, Bishop Jonathan encouraged the congregation to move beyond passive observance and become active participants in the Church’s journey.

The worship service featured powerful performances by groups from various towns in Quezon, each expressing their unwavering devotion through song. From Lucban to Catanauan, the brethren’s harmonies echoed their praise and gratitude, reflecting the strength and unity of their faith.

Pastor Jun Cadague delivered a compelling offertory message, emphasizing the importance of unity and generosity in God’s work. He highlighted the continued fruitfulness of the Church under Bishop Jonathan’s leadership, urging the congregation to give with righteousness and an “extra” measure of devotion.

Concluding the service, Bishop Jonathan prayed for the sick and weary, imparting blessings and strength to the brethren. His words and presence left a profound impact, igniting a renewed spirit of dedication among the faithful in Quezon province.

As Bishop Jonathan leads the way, the churches in Quezon are poised for growth and deeper involvement in God’s mission. His visit marks the beginning of a new chapter, promising a future of active partnership and enduring faith.

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