Church-Wide Divine Worship: A New Year Started with God

by: Editorial Team

The brethren of PMCC (4th Watch) enthusiastically started this brand new year with the Lord as they gathered for the Church-wide Divine Worship. On the first Sunday of 2024, the brethren empowered their spirits, strengthened their hearts, and worshipped together in this wondrous event as they convened in the worship hall of Marikina Main Church and various local churches across the globe via live streaming.
Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol delivered God’s Word and he shared the importance of persevering in the church and urged everyone to take on the challenge of end-time evangelism. In line with the upcoming International Missionary Day and launch of Home Free Global Crusade: Christ the Peacemaker Tour, the HFGC Production Team shared their testimonies about this coming event.

Various performances were also wonderfully rendered unto God from New Anthem, Christ Up Movers, and the HFGC Worship Team. This day was also a historic event for the church as our commemorative Golden Church Anniversary Bible was officially presented to everyone. Truly, it was yet another exceptional testimony of the end-time church’s unity and dedication to their service unto the Lord. To God be all the Glory!

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