A Resounding Battle Cry: The Church’s Unwavering Mission of Evangelism

by: Sis. Angelica David

In an echoing battle cry of “No retreat, no surrender,” the Church has been galvanized to press forward in its collective mission. This unwavering resolve, rooted deeply in the apostle’s spirit, reverberates throughout the Church, emphasizing its core mission: evangelism. 

Despite the sorrow caused by the passing of our beloved Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol, The Goodman of the House, the Church has only grown stronger and more spiritually unified. The mourning has transformed into a renewed zeal for the mission, spearheaded by the Chief Executive Minister and Global Evangelist, Jonathan S. Ferriol. This resilient spirit is most evident in the recent Home Free Global Crusade-15 in Australia, which stands as a testament to the Church’s unwavering dedication to spreading the gospel of salvation. 

In the picturesque setting of The William Inglis – MGallery, a multitude gathered to witness Christ, the Peacemaker. The event was not just a gathering but a grand convergence of faith, drawing bishops, presbyters, pastors, and brethren from various countries. This diverse assembly underscored the global reach and unity of the Church’s mission. 

The success of the crusade was significantly bolstered by the collaborative efforts of the Australia Area Coordinator, Presbyter Olivia Liamzon, Crusade Director Pastor Noli Campus, and the core committee from Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji Islands. Their partnership with the seasoned Home Free team ensured that the crusade aligned seamlessly with the triumphs of previous events. This unity and coordination were pivotal in driving the mission forward and achieving remarkable success. 

Heaven rejoices as more souls accept the Lord, a testament to the effectiveness of the crusade. This celestial celebration is mirrored by the joy and confidence among the brethren, who are assured that God is actively guiding every step of their mission. The cloud of witnesses, including the beloved Apostle, looks down with approval, as the Church remains steadfast in its purpose. 

This global crusade is dedicated to the Apostle, serving as a living response to his prophetic words to his son, the Global Evangelist, that, “many more will come to faith.” It is a poignant reminder to the Church that, regardless of the circumstances, evangelism remains at the heart of its mission. The legacy of the Apostle is celebrated and continues to inspire, encapsulated in the resounding declaration: “No retreat, no surrender!” 

The Apostle’s legacy is not merely a call to action but a spiritual ethos that invigorates the Church. His vision and passion for evangelism have left an indelible mark, compelling the Church to advance with renewed vigor. Every crusade, every gathering, and every soul won is a testament to his enduring influence. 

As the Church continues to expand its mission globally, it does so with a profound sense of purpose and a clear mandate. The Home Free Global Crusade-15 in Australia exemplifies this mission, demonstrating how the Church can turn mourning into joy and loss into renewed commitment. It is a vivid illustration of the Church’s ability to adapt, thrive, and grow stronger in the face of adversity. 

The Apostle’s legacy lives on through these efforts, a beacon of hope and determination for future generations. His rallying cry, “No retreat, no surrender,” continues to inspire and guide the Church as it navigates the challenges and opportunities of its global mission. The unwavering dedication to evangelism ensures that the Church remains a potent and dynamic force for spiritual transformation in the End-time. 

In conclusion, the Church’s mission, energized by the Apostle’s legacy, remains as vibrant and unstoppable as ever. The Home Free Global Crusade-15 in Australia is a powerful testament to this enduring spirit, illustrating how faith, unity, and commitment can turn sorrow into joy and sadness into a renewed drive to spread the gospel. The Church, pulsating with the Apostle’s vision, marches forward with an unyielding resolve: no retreat, no surrender! 


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